Day 84

It’s been a while since I posted in my blog because eliminating food is not that exciting. But I have still been going ahead with my 2017 New Years resolution and slowly slowly the weight is coming off. Today I had a look at my weight loss chart and noticed an interesting thing. Every few weeks I feel like I have a dud week. A week where even though I have been active and I haven’t eaten anything different the weight loss goes in the wrong direction. Today I realised that it happens about every four weeks, which means that, even though I have the Mirena IUD, my body is still doing weird mean little hormonal things to me. This makes me feel quite relieved because now that I see the pattern I can relax about it. After each little bump the weight drops off again and then continues in its slow downhill pattern. So far I have lost 6.6kg, which is not so much if I was on a serious diet where I was restricting my calorie intake, but it’s lovely when I consider the years it took to slowly creep up on my. I’m happy to take the year to let it come off slowly, it feels more permanent this way.


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  1. Holly says:

    Oh my god!! fabulous work my gorgeous friend!! Inside and out!!!

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