Day 36

Lost: 3.8kg

State of mind: want lollies and chocolate! Now!

Actually, feeling weirdly calm for about a month now, like as if all the wheat and sugar (probably really the sugar) have had me buzzing for years. Most likely it has. So no real mood swings or even blips this month. In fact the whole thing is really quite boring! As it should be I guess. I can’t keep living as if I’m at a 5 year olds birthday party forever. But I’m missing it. I’ve found my energy on my long runs is back, as long as I have a banana before my run, whereas before I could rely on the glycogen from the previous days splurge. I’m not sure how I’ll go as my runs get longer. I’ll have to experiment with sweet potato and maybe dates while I’m running. But I don’t really need to worry about that until the end of the Summer month. Happy with the slow and steady weight loss though. Very happy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Holly says:

    Omg a month!! Holy crap that’s amazing congratulations!!xxxx


  2. Thanks Holly! It’s been slow but kind of steady this fortnight. Fingers crossed it keeps going!


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