Day 29

It’s been 29 days now without wheat or sugar. It’s a little boring to be honest, but I do feel like, even after a month, I could easily go on a sugar or bread rampage, so obviously my food demons are still pretty cranky. I’m trying to cook up delicious foods and cook them in bulk because everything takes longer when I’m cooking from scratch. Today I cooked up some sort of steak thing with a strange name in the slow cooker, a big batch of slow pasta sauce (to have with rice or sweet potato), some potato salad with home made mayo, and pineapple with cinnamon  on top in the oven. This should last the whole family a couple of days for lunches and dinners which means less time in the kitchen during the week.

I have lost 3.3kg in 4 weeks. I’m pretty excited by that. This week was a little slower, just 300g, but better than nothing!


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