Day 23

I’ve just passed 3 weeks and I’ve lost 3.1kg’s. I feel good, but I am starting to eyeball ice cream and I know I can’t have lollies or biscuits in the house, because I am nearly drooling when I pass them in the supermarket! I think at this time of year when I’m working in the heat I have always really relied on sugar to get back some energy. i had 3 pieces of fruit for lunch, icy cold from the fridge, and I’m drinking water by the bucket load. I still haven’t touched any wheat or sugar products though and I feel pretty good with weight slowly coming off too, and I’m never really going hungry. Fingers crossed I have the will power to keep this up!

I had a ham, cheese and olive omelette this morning for breakfast, fruit at lunch, I’m going to have some left over chicken burrito bowl when I cool down a bit, and I’ll do some baked sweet potato stuffed with corn, cheese, avocado and ham topped with sour cream for dinner.

My starting BMI was 28.93, today it is 27.92

9.5kg to healthy BMI


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