Day 17

Another .5kg down! This may not be permanent because yesterday was a huge day physically, in the heat and humidity, so some of it could be dehydration, although I did have heaps of fluids. So, hopefully I am now down 2.6kg (10 to go to get me back into the healthy BMI range). Fingers crossed.

Interestingly, this morning we had hill sprints and I felt really good and strong. We finished about 3 hours ago. Normally on a Tuesday I am super tired for the rest of the day because it is a really hard session, but today I still feel good. My husband teased me this morning that this would work, just until my next binge session. Usually that sort of comment would really piss me off and I’d be having a little snark in my head about lack of support etc. But that didn’t really happen today. He was just trying to be funny, and I do have a 32 year history of starting and stopping diets, so is it really up to him to be supportive of me on each of my little jaunts? It’s really just up to me to keep going with it. 348 days to go!


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