Day 16

Still sitting on a 2.1kg loss, but it feels a bit more permanent now. My long run on Sunday felt better. It was really hot and the humidity was extremely high, but I completed my run. We’re keeping it to 11k for our Sunday runs for the next few months, just until the heat backs off a little. We meet each morning at 5.30 before the heat of the day really starts, but the humidity is pretty high before the sun comes up. I had a banana before I ran this time, which is what I think made the run possible, but I do prefer to run on an empty stomach in the hope that my run will burn fat instead of whatever I just ate! Still feeling pretty good, but I do sometimes forget and make plans I can’t keep! Like eating Nutella crepes on Australia Day for breakfast. That would be a sack load of both sugar and wheat, so I’ll have to see what other delicious compliant foods are out there on the day.


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