Day 14

I am trying not to get too excited, but today I lost another 500 grams on the scale. This puts me at a total of 2.1kg in 14 days! I have friends who will diet for a few weeks before anything much happens, and then it all starts to peel off. I really hope I’m having a moment like this, because I certainly haven’t been starving myself or feeling deprived in any way yet. I was originally going to keep my challenge to myself because, you know, sometimes when I tell people about my plans I receive all my accolades up front and then I kind of lose motivation. I know that sounds shallow, as if I’m only doing a good/healthy thing to get attention. But I think there’s a deeper psychological reason that it’s important to keep this low key in order for me to be able to last the 365 days. Maybe it’s in part because I’m worried that if people I care about scoff at the idea I will start to doubt the validity of it myself? Anyway, the few times when I’ve had to turn away bread or sweets or something I’ve been very careful to just try and mumble about eating so much in 2016 that I need to pay it off now…..I’ve told a couple of people who also suffer from food demons about it, because I know they will be supportive of the idea. They get it.


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