Day 4

The heat just keeps coming! Luckily today we got a little rain, not that it does much, just turn everything to steam. Day 4 has been fine. I’ve had to tell a few people that I’m going off sugar and wheat for a year because otherwise I was being rude: like turning down a delicious avocado toast breakfast made by one of my friends. She understood though and gave me just the avocado by itself, with some salt, which was probably a pretty good post run breakfast, and was definitely yum! Most of the people I’m friends with are aware of my battle with the bulge and they’ve seen me gain and lose the same 3-8 kgs over the last few years. It’s always the junky processed foods that  gets me back into trouble. I do feel pretty good without them so far. I had lunch with my son today and ate some fresh oysters and then a delicious smoked salmon and avocado salad, and then I’ve snacked on bananas and almonds this afternoon. Dinner is in the oven and it’s chicken thighs, potatoes and carrots in olive oil, lemon and oregano. These are all foods that I prefer anyway. It’s just that I get slack/tired/disorganised and end up grabbing junk……same story as every one else!

We did a 4.5k run this morning in the hills, so a nice short easy one. I put back on 400g yesterday, but I’m still down 1.4kg from the 31st of December, so I’m happy with that.


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