Day 1

So starting my new regime the day after New Years Eve was perhaps not the most intelligent choice. We had a great night and didn’t get home until after 3, but the fact that I was starting my 365 days today sat in the back of my mind all night and so I stopped drinking early and was in a decent enough condition to be able to drive us all home at the end of the night. Todays seediness is probably more a result of a lack of sleep than too many gin & tonics. After midnight my drinks were down to a vague dash of gin and a huge glass of diet tonic with fresh limes. It was a boiling hot night! I had, what was hopefully, my last pizza for the next 365 days and a fun night dancing with friends. I’m very curious to see what this next year will do to my body, after all I have done the whole30 program a couple of times and the biggest challenge, and the first food groups that become an issue again, are always the sugar and wheat foods. 30 days just doesn’t seem to be enough to break the dirty bingeing habits and within a few days of completing it I’m back to my old ways. Hopefully I can really kick the addiction in 2017. Still gotta eat!


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